The Wrestling programme at Ambleside Sports has always been one of the main attractions – way back in 1809 a Silver Wrestling Belt and 5 guineas were offered in prizes. The “back hold” is crucial to this style of wrestling. Competitors stand face to face and link their hands behind the opponents back and when the referee is satisfied that each competitor has an equal hold he warns them to be “on guard”. The bout begins with the command “wrestle” a tussle follows where the winner either breaks his opponent’s hold or lands him on the ground to gain a “fall” – bouts are the best of three falls.

Enthusiasm for Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling is kept alive by dedicated families involved in the Sport who pass the techniques and skills from generation to generation and through Wrestling Academies. Three family names – Harrington, Brocklebank and Mason – have been closely involved with wrestling at Ambleside throughout the last 50 years. These names dominate the competitors records and we also find them deeply embroiled in the judging, administration and management of the Sport.

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