Grass Track Cycling

Grass Track Cycling

The cycling events have had a chequered history in the sports. It was the Cycle Club which originally promoted the first “Amateur Athletic Sports” in 1892. At that time the Committee consisted of members of the cycle club and a few outsiders and the events included two cycle races, the 5 and 3 mile handicaps.

Many events with our type of location have switched to mountain cycling, however here at Ambleside we have retained track cycling around a 300m circuit which ensures that the sport remains exciting for the spectators. Both the Senior and Junior events are also handicapped which helps to ensure that every race is closely contested. Bob McLean of the Border City Wheelers organises the Cycling Programme and we can look forward to many closely contested events. Watch this exciting sport in the main arena.  

Senior Programme: 

500m Sprint handicap

800 metres handicap

1600 metres handicap

3200 metres handicap

Devil Takes the Hindmost

The premium cycle event of the afternoon is the “Devil Take Hindmost” where the last competitor is eliminated at the end of each circuit until the prizes goes to the “last man standing”. 

Junior Programme:  300 metres Scratch

500 metres Handicap

800 metres Handicap

Ladies Programme: 

500 metres

800 metres

1500 metres

Further details of the order timings and of all cycle races can be found in the programme

Spectators who are keen cyclists may also register to take part (there are a few cycles available for loan) but you must be experienced because of the special type of bike. For more information go to the British Cycling Association website or contact Bob McLean who is our cycling manager. (details below)

Entries to: Bob McLean, 35 Friars Garth, Abbey Town, Cumbria, CA7 4SF

Telephone:  016973 61392

Entries for Cycle Events close 10th July.