The sport of Hound Trailing probably dates from the eighteenth century but it was the formation of the Hound Trailing Association (HTA) in 1906 which brought about a formal set of rules and regulations for events to take place. The sport has its origins in the farming community and like many other events in Lakeland today, much is owed to the local farmers and landowners over whose land trails are run.

The trail is laid by dragging a rag which is soaked in a mixture of aniseed, oil and paraffin – it is this scent which is followed by the hounds. A hound trail is then a race between hounds following the scent from a prescribed starting point (the slip) back to the finishing line. The Ambleside Senior Fell Classic is one of the most important races in the Hound Trailing Calendar. The bookies will be there to tempt you into a little flutter.

For more information and recent results please visit the Hound Trailing Association website