Track Races

Handicapped track races are held in the arena for seniors and youths under 17 .

In the nineteenth century and for much of the twentieth, this section would have been more correctly named “field & track” as running, high leap, putting the stone, hop skip and jump, hurdles and running long jump were all included in the early contests. Pole vaulting was also introduced along the way – a Mr Jamiesen broke the British professional record in the Ambleside Pole Leaping Event of 1962.

Today only the track running events are contested but a handicapping system still prevails in keeping with the professional tradition. The prizes now consist of a cash award, however in the past you could have won such things as:

100 yards flat: 1st: marble clock, value £3. 2nd: case of razors, value 15 shillings 3rd: writing case, value 10s (In 1892 £3 was, in labour terms, worth £1,394!)

Half mile flat: 1st: set of salt sellers, value £2. 2nd: tea pot, value £1. 3rd: toast rack, value 10s

Egg and Spoon: 1st: dressing case. 2nd: biscuit jar.